Things to avoid when lash extension – Many women dream of having curled and thick lashes. Surely not all women are born with naturally curled lashes, right? But along with technological advances in the beauty industry, now women with thin, few, and inflexible lashes can get curled, volume, and thick lashes in a short time, thus making the appearance of both eyes even more beautiful.

Things to avoid when lash extension

The trick is to do an eyelash extension, aka connecting the original lashes with false lashes that are shaped in such a way that the lashes still look like natural lashes. But wait, there are a number of things you can do and don’t do before and after doing eyelash extensions

Which must be done

  1. Patch test

Each eyelash salon will actually instruct the customer who wants to apply the false lashes to do a patch test 24 hours before the procedure. Remembering this is important, don’t miss it!

  1. Natural style

The point here, if this is your first time doing extensions you should choose a natural look extension so that it looks much more natural to wear everyday. It’s a different story if you connect your lashes with the aim of attending a special occasion, then you can choose a more dramatic style.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

In the process you will be lying on your back on a mattress or bed for hours, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes.

What not to do

  1. Use mascara

When doing this eyelash extension process, avoid daubing the mascara. In fact, it’s much better, you come to the salon wearing no eye makeup at all. So that it can pass time, because there is no need to remove eye makeup.

  1. Opening your eyes

During the process, never open your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed may not feel good, but usually after five minutes, you will get used to it.

Maybe this is the only information we can give you. Things to avoid when lash extension, hopefully the information above can help you to avoid unwanted risks. For those of you who want information about beauty or eyelashes, you can visit eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia, namely PT. Sung Shim International. If you visit their website you can find information and also a beauty product such as false eyelashes and others. May be useful.