Easy Steps to Remove Mascara on False Eyelashes – Eyelash extensions and false lashes often make us more confident. Even when you wake up, your face will look fresh and perfect with just an eyelash extension. However, you need to change your beauty routine when using eyelash extensions. Including, the habit of wearing mascara.

Easy Steps to Remove Mascara on False Eyelashes

The use of mascara is not recommended when using eyelash extensions. But if you want to use it, choose a non-waterproof and oil-free mascara. You also have to be careful when deleting it. Here are tips on how to remove mascara used in eyelash extensions by an eyelash expert, Clementina Richardson:

  1. Use a Makeup Remover That Does Not Contain Oil

The safest way to remove mascara is to use a mild, oil-free cleanser. Oil based cleansers will damage the extension. Use a few drops of remover and apply with a spoolie several times until the mascara is gone.

  1. Avoid Using Cotton

Things to avoid next Do not use cotton in the extension. This can pull on the extension and damage it. After removing it with a makeup remover, remove the dirt using a tissue. Repeat until the mascara is gone.

  1. Choose the Right Formula

The next step, you only use mascara and cleaners that are safe for eyelash extensions, so that they are more durable and not easily damaged. Use water-based, oil-free mascara.

  1. Don’t Use Fiber Mascara

The next stage Avoid using fiber mascara. It will stick to the entire extension and be difficult to remove without damaging it. Therefore, avoid using fiber mascara because it is difficult to remove.

  1. Do it with care

Like caring for hair, be careful with eyelash extensions. Never use mechanical eyelash curlers in lash extensions. This will pull and make the extensions and natural lashes fall out. If the extensions start to fall out, use a heated eyelash curler and curl your lashes for 10-15 seconds to make them more natural.

Maybe there is only a little information that we can convey about the Easy Steps to Remove Mascara on False Eyelashes, with the information above we hope it really helps you to more easily remove mascara on false lashes that you use everyday. Visit Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia, namely Samsung Shim International, to read tips about beauty provided by them.